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Collections Management and Evaluations

Collections Management

Consultation and evaluation services of collections as well as general household goods are offered at a separate hourly rate.  Evaluations are neither verbal nor written USPAP compliant Appraisal Reports. 


Confidential evaluations and consultations of personal property may include household “walk throughs” or other inspections for non-biased information gathering reasons tailored to the client’s needs, especially when a client is unsure as to whether an Appraisal Report is required.


Evaluations are a good way to learn answers to your questions 

regarding the current market trends associated with selling, gifting,

or insuring items; conservation and preservation requirements with options and referrals; advice regarding expert authentication processes; gifting and donor procedures for individual items as well as collections. 

Even a single consultation can provide valuable information about general down-sizing with personalized, thoughtful advice and resources.

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